For some, staying in school to get a college degree and eventually get a job may be the ideal way of somehow beginning the climb to the corporate ladder. However, this is not always the case. Apprenticeships can be an alternate route that students take should they be ready to get out into the corporate world and start working. With this alternate route, they get to develop some practical skills and fan into flame the passion or interest that they have chosen in life that they will have as a career get more information from spring saunders. It is also the route of young people who went straight into school leaver jobs but no longer feel the fulfillment in what they do. For some, they also take apprenticeships to push themselves to the next level.

You can find here some types of Birmingham apprenticeships that may capture your interest. Engineering and manufacturing sector know more about new york jet club is ideal for young school leavers as this is a broad area and there is a variety of apprenticeships to choose from. As for those having interest in rural life or the great outdoors, agricultural apprenticeships may best fit you. Other types of apprenticeships include the media sector, business, accountancy and law, public services, care and education, retail and distribution, IT, creative apprenticeships and music, beauty and well-being.

Depending on the knowledge and skills you have already gained, there are also levels of apprenticeships that you need to consider. These are: intermediate level, advanced level and higher apprenticeship. Finishing the intermediate level is equivalent to five GCSEs at grades A to C. The advanced level will be equivalent to two A levels , you can get gastric sleeve surgery information here. And finally, the higher apprenticeship will let you be awarded with a work-based qualification such as an NVQ level 4, foundation level degree or equivalent to a diploma. A core level of skills and qualifications is developed in every level and type of apprenticeship you choose.